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About Ben Silver Patent Plaques

Since 1954, Ben Silver Patent Plaques has been the leader in patent recognition for hundreds of companies throughout the United States and the world. Our expert staff knows the importance of each plaque and how special it is to each inventor listed on that patent. We produce the highest quality patent plaques for that very reason.

A Division of The Massillon Plaque Company

In 2009, Ben Silver Patent Plaques was purchased by The Massillon Plaque Company. Massillon Plaque has produced all Ben Silver Patent Plaques since Ben Silver Patent Plaques opened in 1954.

Now under one roof, the Ben Silver Patent Plaques and Massillon Plaque team continues to use the same unique process and high quality materials, ensuring a plaque that was made decades ago will match patent plaques made today. Our records reflect the format and style unique to your company. We maintain an extensive archive of patents dating back to the early 20th century, allowing you to boast of an “old” patent.

Crafted With Distinction to Showcase Achievements

  • Handcrafted, solid walnut base.
  • Locally sourced, finely milled stainless steel plaque.
  • Exclusive polished edge detailing.
  • Raised printing for premium legibility and durability.
  • Lacquered for a polished finish.
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Corporate Patent Plaque Program

The Ben Silver Patent Plaques Program makes it easy to publicly honor your inventors’ achievements on an ongoing, consistent basis. Get the finest awards with minimal effort.

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The Massillon Plaque Company has been providing clients in Ohio and throughout the United States with one-of-a-kind plaques, laser-engraved awards, personalized gifts and wall displays of all sizes for over 60 years.

Known industry-wide for our elegant Art in Stainless Steel™ designs, we also offer artistry in aluminum, brass, cast bronze, acrylic, glass, crystal and more. We specialize in employee recognition awards, donor recognition walls and architectural signage made from the highest quality materials. All our products are made to last a lifetime.