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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Products

What materials do you offer for patent plaques?
All Ben Silver Patent Plaques are handcrafted using a finely milled stainless steel plate (or plates) installed on a locally sourced solid walnut base. We do also utilize glass, laminates and other materials for the bases or wall display background.
How long will my patent plaques last?
Every patent plaque is handcrafted using the finest materials, ensuring a beautiful award for years to come. Our unique combination of walnut and stainless steel is a timeless look that never goes out of style, plus it’s extremely durable. Ben Silver Patent Plaques guarantees the printing on your patent plaques will not chip, crack, peel or fade. Plus, we apply a lacquer coating to protect the stainless steel plaque and prevent tarnishing. Finally, we back our products with a lifetime guarantee.
May I feature more than one patent on a plaque?
Yes, we offer a line of products for featuring multiple patents on a single plaque. You may choose to put many patents on individual plates, or many patents on a single large plate. Finally, we can work with you create a custom plaque or wall display of your choosing, if you don’t see what you want in our inventory. Contact us to request an estimate.
May I get more than one name on a plaque?
Yes, we do offer patent plaques for featuring multiple inventors of a single patent. We do verify that each name entered is in fact listed on the patent.
What is an Assignee?
An assignee is the person or entity to whom rights under a patent are legally transferred. U.S. Patents are granted to individuals, however most are owned by companies. Often, employees and employers have legal contracts in place that requires the transfer of patent ownership from the individual to the company.

Inventors are often proud of both the invention and the company for whom they work. Plaques that celebrate all three of these are a great way to celebrate each new innovation. You may choose to feature the company, patent or patents, or inventor and inventors however you desire with Ben Silver Patent Plaques. See our products for standard options, or contact us about designing a custom plaque.

What information is included on the bottom of the plaque?
The wording that appears on many of US patent plaques is called the “Director’s text.” It is the text that appears on the cover of your official patent document.
What drawing will be on my patent plaque?
We use your patent number to access the full patent document and then use the drawing from the front page of your patent on your plaque. If you have questions, concerns or modifications please contact us.
What is the best way to have a name appear when buying for someone else?
We recommend displaying the name exactly as it appears on the patent. We pull this information for you when we conduct a patent search on your patent number.
How can I be sure I ordered the right Patent?
We will personally review your order with you before creating your plaque.