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Industries Served

Unlike sports where trophies are awarded for achievements, new innovations and the granting of patents often goes unnoticed in industries like tech or higher education. To put it simply, patent plaques are your trophies! Reward innovation and creativity in your industry with custom, high quality patent plaques.


Technology is always evolving at the hands of your team. People are inventing new apps, creating stronger screen protectors for everyone’s beloved iPhones, and perfecting bluetooth wireless earbuds. Award your team’s incredible advancements in the tech world with patent plaques!

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Doctors, chemists, pharmacists and manufacturers are coming up with new processes and tools every day that help save lives. Award new, life-saving inventions with high quality patent plaques that can be displayed in offices or as a wall display in a common area of your building!

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Higher Education

Teaching methods take years of trial and error to perfect. Devices used to teach abstract ideas are valuable and can be mass-produced to help schools all over the world. A patent for a teaching method or instructive device is something to celebrate and reward with a custom, high quality patent plaque!

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This industry is vital to our country. Every day farmers and horticulturalists are finding new species of plants, coming up with more efficient ways to grow and tend to crops and improving tools used in the industry. Don’t let advancements in agriculture go unnoticed—reward inventors with patent plaques!

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