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Don’t let agricultural advancements go unnoticed. Award innovation with high quality patent plaques!

This industry is vital to our country. Every day farmers, horticulturalists, researchers, and scientists are finding new species of plants, coming up with more efficient ways to grow and tend to crops, and improving tools used in the industry. Don’t let advancements in agriculture go unnoticed—reward inventors with patent plaques!

Celebrate Agricultural Patents with Patent Plaques

Your research center is a breeding ground for some amazing discoveries. Congratulations on your patent recognitions—these achievements speak strongly of your dedication to research, discovery, and innovation. Now it’s time to take it one step further and actually do something to commemorate your achievements!

In the past, it’s likely that you just let those patents sit in your computer when you could be showing them off as tokens of your success! Whether it’s just for you to see or to celebrate your colleagues, think about ordering some plaques to hang around your facility and remind everyone of the amazing work you’re doing.

Why Patent Plaques?

Our patent plaques are high quality and handcrafted pieces that take your already amazing accomplishment and turn it into a nice visual reminder. Here are just a few reasons why patent plaques are good for your organization:

Show your appreciation
Patent plaques are great pieces for the individual inventors to hang in their offices and workspaces to be reminded of their accomplishments. Handing out these plaques shows them your appreciation of their hard work.
Show your credibility
Patents are powerful tools that can put a university on the map and help it rise through the ranks. Patent plaques are also powerful tools that can help show off the innovative nature of your organization.

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Our Patent Plaque Program

Interested in our patent plaques for your organization? Whether you want to order plaques for individuals or for a wall display in your facility, our Corporate Patent Plaque Program makes it easy for organizations like yours to keep up with ordering plaques when you’ve been granted a new patent. Learn more about the program.

If you’re still trying to decide if our patent plaques are right for your organization, we’d love to send you a free sample. We’re sure that our high quality plaques will look great in your buildings!

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