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Higher Education

Celebrate your university’s achievements with patent plaques.

Teaching methods take years of trial and error to perfect. Devices used to teach abstract ideas are valuable and can be mass-produced to help schools all over the world. Meanwhile, the students you’re teaching are busy creating and inventing, too. There is so much innovation to celebrate in a higher education setting—from the teachers to the students—that can be celebrated with high quality patent plaques.

Give Your University Recognition

As you work to educate our future leaders, you’re also coming up with new ideas and innovations. Congratulations on your patent recognitions—these achievements speak strongly of your dedication to research, discovery, and innovation.

Whether one of your professors has come up with a new research method, an engineering student has created a new formula, or a medical student discovered a new vaccination method, you can be ready to honor these achievements with patent plaques.

Why Patent Plaques?

Our patent plaques are high quality and handcrafted pieces that take your already amazing accomplishment and turn it into a nice visual reminder. Here are just a few reasons why patent plaques are good for your university:

Patent plaques are great pieces for the individual inventors to hang in their offices and classrooms to be reminded of their accomplishments. Handing out these plaques shows them your appreciation of their hard work.
Patents are powerful tools that can put a university on the map and help it rise through the ranks. Patent plaques are also powerful tools that can help show off the innovative nature of your school.

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