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Medical Industry

Encouraging innovation that helps saves lives

The medical industry is always evolving at the hands of your staff. New technologies and processes are being created that ultimately help provide better care to our country and save lives! Your staff is responsible for some incredible advancements, and it’s time to recognize their achievements.

Give Your Team Recognition

In the medical industry, patents are akin to getting work published or receiving an award. They’re a symbol that your work is intelligent and forward-thinking and that you’ve created something that will help move the medical industry forward. Whether it’s a patent for a new type of cancer treatment, a new device, or a new surgical procedure, your company’s innovative creations should be celebrated.

Give inventors the recognition they deserve with a custom patent plaque that they can cherish forever. For staff members who have filed patents, they know their personal achievements, but often they go unnoticed by the rest of the company. Patent plaques are like the trophies for the medical industry, so give your staff a plaque they can proudly display in their office.

Why Patent Plaques?

Our patent plaques are high quality and handcrafted pieces that take your already amazing accomplishment and turn it into a nice visual reminder. Here are just a few reasons why patent plaques are good for your business:

Patent plaques are great pieces for the individual inventors to hang in their offices to be reminded of their accomplishments. Handing out these plaques shows them your appreciation of their hard work.
A patent is a powerful business tool that allows innovators to gain exclusivity over a new product or process and develop a strong market position. Patent plaques can also be powerful business tools, showing off your company’s innovative spirit and edge over the competition.

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