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Corporate Patent Plaques Program

Like the finest inventions, the best teams are developed with intention. Let us help you craft a recognition program for your inventors to honor achievements and encourage continual innovation. And let’s be honest, earning bragging rights for plaques on a wall provides serious motivation.

Elegant Simplicity to Encourage Innovation

The Ben Silver Patent Plaques Program makes it easy to publicly honor your inventors’ achievements on an ongoing, consistent basis. Get the finest awards with minimal effort.

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Here’s how it works:

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Step 1:
Design Your Display

Plaques may be integrated into large displays in hallways, conference rooms or other office areas, or as standalone hangings in an individual’s office.

Step 2:
Customize Your Patent Plaques

Determine the size and style you want plus the patent, corporate and individual information to include on each plaque.

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Step 3:
Automated Ordering

Send us a spreadsheet of patent numbers once or twice a month (or however often works best), and we’ll produce the patent plaques according to your predetermined style.

Step 4:
Ship to Multiple Locations

Multiple offices in multiple cities? No problem. We can ship your corporate patent plaques to a number of locations – worldwide.

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Step 5:
Inspire Inventors

Hang these visual reminders of accomplishments to inspire your team to conceive the next great ideas. (Read: Why Patent patent plaques matter?)

Exclusive Craftsmanship

Ben Silver Patent Plaques are upscale in appearance and traditional in quality.

We begin with a solid walnut base topped off with our beautifully printed and locally milled stainless steel. This method allows us to reproduce and maintain the finest details of your patent drawings with premium graphic legibility. The combination of walnut and stainless steel is a timeless look that never goes out of style.

Maintenance is simple: keep it dust-free and it will remain looking new for decades to come. We guarantee printing will not chip, crack, peel or fade.