Ben Silver Patent Plaques

Upscale in appearance, traditional in quality.

Our unique combination of raised printing on finely milled stainless steel over a solid walnut base creates an exceptional award for recognizing exceptional achievements.

  • Handcrafted, solid walnut base.
  • Locally sourced, finely milled stainless steel plaque.
  • Exclusive polished edge detailing.
  • Raised printing for premium legibility and durability.
  • Lacquered for a polished finished.

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Corporate Patent Plaque Program

Inventors feel most honored when they can point to a physical, public sign of achievement. It’s about the bragging rights: how many plaques adorn their office walls, pointing out their plaque’s location in a hallway covered in awards. The Ben Silver Patent Plaque Program makes it easy for your to honor your many inventors on an ongoing, consistent basis. Get the finest awards with minimal effort, shipped worldwide.

Showcase Multiple Patents and Inventors

Patent plaque styles for a displaying various combinations of multiple patents and/or multiple inventors.

Single Inventor

Multiple Patents With Individual Plates

A corporate favorite, this patent plaque highlights the most significant patent in the center and lists other patents on either side. Small plates may be added as needed. A larger presentation plate reflects the inventor's main patent contribution while offering recognition for additional patent achievements.

Single Inventor

Multiple Patents On A Single Plate

The multiple patent plaque featuring one inventor is especially well suited to the prolific inventor. As many as 40 patents can be listed with patent numbers, titles and dates of issue. This format is also well suited to the retirement of the inventor, since it does not require "growing room".

Many Inventors

Large Presentation Plate

This multiple patent plaque featuring a presentation plate and the names and contributions of many inventors. The presentation plate incorporates the seal of the Patent and Trademark Office, inscription and corporate logo. Up to 18 small stainless steel plates, easily added as needed, note the particular patent issued, the date of issuance and the inventor.

Many Inventors

Separate Name Plates

All recipients of multiple patents on behalf of the company are honored by a single nameplate. In this example, each patentee designed ten or more patents for the company. The centerpiece of the plaque is the original patent issued to the company. This plaque is created on an oversized walnut board, providing a striking focal point for a lobby or reception area.

Single Inventor

Multiple Patent Plates

This patent plaque is well suited to acknowledge five significant patent achievements from one inventor. A 17" x 14" walnut plaque displays five 5" x 6" patent plates surrounding a presentation plate with the corporate logo and the inventor's name.

Patent Wall Displays

Celebrate ideas to generate enthusiasm, boost morale and show the world you are a leader in innovation. We can help design office wall displays and handle their creation.

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Custom Patent Plaques

Don’t see the patent plaque design you’re imagining, or have an existing plate you’d like replicated? We can work with you to create your customized plaque.