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Product Description

This plaque utilizes the current ribbon and seal title page rather than the historic scroll work and testimonial clause, and combines them with the principal claim and drawing. Title Page plaques are also available with corporate presentation plate or inventor presentation plate in sizes 8×12, 11×15, and 11×17.

About Our Plaques

  • Handcrafted, solid walnut base.
  • Locally sourced, finely milled stainless steel plaque.
  • Exclusive polished edge detailing.
  • Raised printing for premium legibility and durability.
  • Lacquered for a polished finish.
  • Backed by our lifetime guarantee. Warranty Info >

Handcrafted in the U.S.A

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Inventors feel most honored when they can point to a physical, public sign of achievement. It’s about the bragging rights: how many plaques adorn their office walls, pointing out their plaque’s location in a hallway covered in awards. The Ben Silver Patent Plaque Program makes it easy for your to honor your many inventors on an ongoing, consistent basis. Get the finest awards with minimal effort, shipped worldwide.

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